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Activity in 2016 and 2017:

Director is available for consulting and truce negotiations. Currently making inquiries into violence prevention training programs offered in major cities in the USA.

Activity in 2015:

Copied a 4 page newspaper article with pictures about gangs in Sonoma County and added my own cover page to give neighborhood residents methods to conduct a strong, active, neighborhood watch process, then made 120 copies and distributed them throughout my neighborhood, in Santa Rosa.

Activity in 2014:

Took out an advertisement in the East Bay Express, an Oakland, Ca. newspaper, under Community Announcements, to repeat our message: "Don't carry weapons. Leave your weapons at home."

Activity in 2012 and 2013:

Available to respond to crisis situations upon request. Hope to secure funding for outreach efforts. Please contact us for any reason.

Activity in 2011:

Lowered prices to sell more tee shirts and other gift items from the Ecommerce page of this website.

Continued distribution of Truce Declared fliers to promote the primary message: Leave your weapons at home. No drive-by shootings. No revenge killings.

Activity in 2010:

May through August: More door-to-door outreach in high crime areas and more radio announcements on KMEL.

April 16, 2010: Our 60 second Truce Declared hip hop jingle "Leave Your Weapons At Home" and our 60 second dramatization dialogue announcement ("...C'mon, you gotta leave your weapons at home, man...") began broadcasting on KMEL FM radio 106.1 and streaming live on You can download, listen to and distribute this file: Truce Jingle

April 2010: We set up our information and product table and street signs for Truce Declared to participate in a block party on Mead Avenue in West Oakland with other city and religious organizations in the community.

Vashone Lee mixing with the community. . . . . . . . . . City Councilmember Nancy Nadel with Africa Williams.

March 2010: Outreach Worker, Vashone Lee and Director, Gig Hitao met with Oakland Neighborhood Services Worker, Africa Williams, and community leader and mentor, Brother Muhammad, to discuss methodology and experiences to intervene in a violent dispute between two teenagers in West Oakland. Vashone and Gig then went to meet one of the teens. A few weeks later, they met with the grandmother of the other teen to connect with him. He apparently is willing to cooperate in a truce between the two. Further conflict resolution interventions were planned to resolve this situation.

February 2010: Truce Declared staff recorded two 60 second public service announcements for radio at the studios of Youth Uprising, in East Oakland, assisted by recording engineer 1TYME Jones, thanks to his supervisor Joey Xanders and to Sikander Iqbal. Arrangements with Clear Channel Corporation were then initiated in a process to purchase radio spots for air time.

January 2010: Outreach Worker, Vashone Lee, referred a young man he met on the street while passing out Truce Declared fliers to job training at the Ron Dellums Reentry Program at Oakland City Hall. Then Vashone followed up and went with him to show him exactly where it was.


October 2009: Truce Declared staff participated in a public event called "For A Safe Town" in Oakland, sponsored by Youth Uprising. Fliers were handed out and lots of discussions were stimulated.

September 2009: Outreach Worker, Mallie Latham, passes out fliers door to door, in West Oakland.

. .

Truce Declared formerly launched in Oakland on August 5, 2009, by participating in Silence The Violence Day, a publicity event organized by Urban Peace Movement. We set up an outreach display in downtown Oakland. The Oakland Police Department responded to our email notice to send an officer to our site to meet us and learn what the program is about. The officer gave us the direct line phone numbers to a police captain and sergeant responsible for the downtown area of Oakland. A reporter from KMEL radio station also came out to see us and took a photo of Kevin, our staff outreach worker for the day, and they posted his photo on their website. A member of the Board of Supervisors spoke with us. Furthermore, a connection was made with another organization participating in Silence The Violence Day, called Martin Luther King Freedom Center. We distributed many fliers and spoke with several people whose neighborhoods or churches were active in these types of community issues. We also sold different products to raise money for Truce Declared. This encouraging response from local people and organizations means that Truce Declared will proceed with efforts to negotiate a truce in Oakland and publicize our message to the general public to “leave your weapons at home.”


We recently discovered that we are not the only ones with this message:

This is a street sign in the night life district of Hamburg, Germany.


More community outreach in Santa Rosa - August 2009:


Met Oakland City officials to let them know about our program.
Requested to be professional visitor at San Quentin prison.
Met program coordinator in Oakland at Youth Uprising and showed PowerPoint presentation.
Sold tee shirts on ecommerce website using Paypal account. Made other product sales to help support the program through social entrepreneurship.
Produced hand dyed tee shirts with printed logo for sale.
Met with board members of Nonviolence Fund to discuss IRS status process.
Attended social entrepreneur presentations to graduate students at SSU.
Attended violence prevention presentation in San Francisco, met program coordinators from Oakland.
Met with community organizer supportive of gang prevention programs.
Distributed fliers door to door in neighborhood where there was a gang related murder.
Met former inmate accused of murder and acquitted and showed him PowerPoint presentations, got his opinion of how to proceed with negotiations between gang members.
Made solicitations in person, by phone, mail and email to businesses and nonprofit agencies to sponsor radio announcements.
Presented program to returned Peace Corps volunteers.
Visited inmate in jail accused of gang involvement in a shooting incident.
Observed case subject in court appearances.
Participated in focus group discussion with other gang prevention programs in Santa Rosa.


Produced English radio announcement and used it to create a social marketing page on this website.
Made PowerPoint Presentation to Petaluma Police Dept. captain.
Made booth presentations at Juvenile Justice Forums and Gang Prevention Conferences.
Initiated forum discussions on newspaper websites, and social media sites Facebook and LinkedIn, and announcements on Craig's List to drive traffic to website.
Produced a Cause page on Facebook and 34 members joined.
Hired outreach worker and distributed fliers door to door in neighborhoods with gang graffiti.
Collected crime statistics from police departments and analyzed crimes including those with weapons and with gang involvement.
Submitted grant proposals to business foundations, nonprofit foundations and government programs.


Met ex gangsters interested in supporting this program and being part of radio announcements.
Incorporated Nonviolence Fund, a nonprofit agency, to be eligible to apply for grants. Formed a Board of Directors, obtained a bank account and a post office box. Had board meetings and applied with the IRS for tax exempt status.
Received donations to help fund the program.
Became a professional visitor at the Main Adult Detention Facility in Sonoma County and visited several inmates accused of violent crimes and gang involvement. Also observed them in several court appearances and wrote letters back and forth.
Visited teens on probation at alternative ed school to get their impressions of the message of our flier.
Gave PowerPoint presentation to Santa Rosa’s Gang Task Force Coordinator.
Fliers distributed door to door in several neighborhoods in Santa Rosa where gang graffiti is obvious.
Fliers distributed at special events like Wednesday Night Market, Immigration Rally and Fourth of July event.
Public service announcements in Spanish played for 2 weeks on popular Spanish radio station.
Advertisement printed in La Voz bilingual newspaper.
Truce Declared launched as a pilot project of Data Trends.


Created and defined the details of the Truce Declared program and applied for a gang prevention grant with the City of Santa Rosa, but was not awarded a grant.


Honor the truce.
Honre la tregua.


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